Bachelor Mathematics

Solving exciting problems, unveiling mysteries, describing complex interrelationships with amazingly simple formulas: Mathematics is the right course of study for those wanting to get to the bottom of things, those who enjoy developing new ideas and solutions. Many doors are open for Mathematics graduates due to their comprehensive competencies. In banks and insurance companies for example they calculate risks or develop climate models. In the field of Biology they model molecules, in logistics companies and airlines they optimize routes and cargo sizes. The foundation for this is laid by the Mathematics Bachelor Program. Here students acquire a broad base of methodological and theoretical knowledge with which they are best prepared for one of the five Master Programs at the Mathematics Faculty.

Course contents

If you are interested in the manifold practical applications of the subject in addition to abstract fundamental mathematical principles, the Technical University of Munich is the right place for you. The Faculty of Mathematics is one of the leading centers in Europe for Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics. Students here are not only focussing on Analysis, Algebra, Geometry or Probability Theory, they also deal with the question: Where and how is Mathematics used in the Natural and Engineering Sciences, in the economy or in other areas? After the fourth semester students can either specialize in pure Mathematics or in all major areas of Applied Mathematics: Financial, Bio-, Economic or Techno Mathematics.


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Maria Präßl

Room: 00.10.053
Tel.: +49 (0)89 289-17554

For enrolled students:

Katharina Schaar

Student Advisor

Room: 00.10.055
Tel.: +49 (0)89 289-17580

For applicants and determination of aptitude:

Dr. Carl-Friedrich

Student Advisor

Room: 03.04.036
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Profile: The most important facts on the bachelor program


In order to study maths, you need first and foremost enthusiasm for the subject matter and enjoy diving deeper into the topic. Are you ready for this? A small self-test:

  1. Mathematics has always been easy for me at school.
  2. When I think of a mathematical problem, I try until I find a solution - even if it takes time.
  3. I often try new things, and enjoy thinking "out-of-the-box".
  4. If you ask me what I liked most when doing maths at school I immediately think of at least two things. For example tricky tasks in Stochastics or the proof of a geometrical set, such as the Pythagorean Theorem.
  5. I like working in groups and can contribute to the learning environment in a team.


At least three of the five points apply to you? Then you are well placed for a successful maths degree course.

There are two registration options for the Bachelor in Mathematics at the TUM

Bewerbung und Zulassung

Verpflichtendes Studien-Orientierungsverfahren

Ab Wintersemester 2018/19 wird das bisherige Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren durch ein verpflichtendes Studien-Orientierungsverfahren ersetzt. Das Verfahren befindet sich noch in der Planungsphase; die endgültigen Details werden hier spätestens im März 2018 bekannt gegeben.

Das vorläufige Konzept sieht folgendes vor:
Alle Studienbewerber*innen legen ihrer Bewerbung ein Motivationsschreiben und einen kurzen mathematischen Essay bei.

Wenn wir nach Sichtung der Unterlagen bei Bewerber*innen Grund zur Sorge haben, dass sie ihr Mathematikstudium möglicherweise nicht erfolgreich abschließen werden (zum Beispiel wegen unzutreffender Vorstellungen von der mathematischen Methodik), laden wir diese zu einem - verpflichtenden - Studienberatungsgespräch ein.

Alle Bewerber*innen, die an diesem Orientierungsverfahren vollständig teilgenommen haben, erhalten einen Studienplatz. (Bitte beachten Sie, dass alle Unterlagen fristgerecht bei der TUM eingehen müssen).

Application: how to get a place

Essential parts of the application procedure for the Bachelor Program "Mathematics“ at the Technical University of Munich, can be processed via the platform TUMonline. A candidate account is required for this purpose. Please ensure that only one account is created. Otherwise it is not possible to send the application. During the online application process you need to upload different documents that you should have compiled previously.

The electronic applicant wizard guides you through the application step by step.
It is advisable to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as a browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported by the system any more, its use may therefore lead to an incorrect display of the forms. Please also observe the additional Notes on application in our fact sheet.

At the end of the online application you will receive a list with all the required supporting documents as well as the application for admission.

Sign this application and return it with all required documents by mail to the following address: Technical University of Munich, Matriculation Office, (Immatrikulationsamt) Arcisstrasse 21, D-80333 Munich

Application period for the Winter Term: 15 May to 15 July
Application period for the Summer Term: 15 November to 15 January (only for changers)
PLEASE NOTE: The date of the incoming mail at the TUM caunts!

Check your candidate account on TUMonline on a regular basis. You will be notified there about incomplete submitted documentation. You will receive an email if you are directly admitted or invited to an interview. We send this notification to the E-mail address associated to the applicant account. If applicable please check your spam folder.

Once all application documents are complete and have been received on time, once you have received an offer and accepted your place in your TUMonline-Account, you still have to pay the tuition fees. Registration starts at the end of July (Winter term) or the end of January (Summer term).

For queries and further information refer to Hotline and TUM Service Desk.

Bachelor Degree: Just a click away

The regular timetables are obtained via TUMonline. Here you can also create your individual timetable and store it digitally. The timetable for the first term can also be download here:

Die regulären Stundenpläne erhalten Sie über TUMonline. Hier können Sie auch Ihren individuellen Stundenplan erstellen und digital speichern. Den Stundenplan fürs erste Semester können Sie auch hier herunterladen:

Which lectures/ seminars need to be taken when is shown in you our overview that is structured according to terms, taking into account the choice of major subject during the final year of study:

The current Examination and Study Regulation (Fachprüfungs- und Studienordnung = FPSO) applies to the Bachelor in "Mathematics":

Angaben zu Veranstaltungszeit und -raum aller relevanten Module finden Sie im Studienplan oder Modulhandbuch der Fakultät auf TUMonline.

Learn more

Read about everything the Faculty of Mathematics at the TUM has to offer their Bachelor students:

Bachelor thesis: From planning stage to submission


Time: It is ideal to start with the bachelor thesis once you have at least 8 Credits in your area of specialisation. Provided there are no valid reasons pursuant to § 10 Section 6 APSO you should start no later than at the beginning of the eighth term with the degree thesis.

Time Frame: In general you have three months for processing.

Choice of topic: In order to shorten the familiarisation time, it is best to align Bachelor thesis and seminar.

Examination: The Bachelor thesis must be assessed by an authorized person from the Faculty of Mathematics. An overview of all persons eligible for this can be found in the adjacent list. The written documentation of the work is evaluated. The presentation of the content is not included in the evaluation.


Deadline: The Bachelor thesis can be registered on the 1st and 15th of a month and shall be effected three months before the planned submission, the latest however on the first day of the processing time frame.

Documents: In addition to the registration form, you must also submit the signed Diploma Supplement (so called Laufzettel) from the Faculty of Mathematics. Please submit the Diplome Supplement even if no activities are to be recorded.
Note: The Diploma Supplement is an english speaking addition to the high school completion certificate and describes qualifications related to the study program. Below "Additional Information", you can register individual information upon application in this document about extra curricular activities you completed during your studies.

Contact: Please submit your registration to Ms Präßl.


Scale: The Bachelor thesis should not exceed 35 pages.

Language: The thesis can be written in German as well as English.

Cover Page und Page 1: List the subject of the work as well as your name and the name of the person assigning the task. Please also note the delivery date.

Page 2: Enter the following statement: "I hereby declare that I produced the Bachelor's thesis autonomously and only with the listed resources." (place, date, signature)

Amendmend of title: Please send an e-mail with the new title of the thesis to bachelor(at), putting your supervisor in CC.

Printing: You can print the thesis in the printer hall (= Rechnerhalle).


Extension: If you need more time to process your thesis, you must submit a request for extension to Mrs Präßl at least seven days before the scheduled submission date.

Appearance: The Bachelor thesis must be submitted stapled (adhesive binding).

Specimen copy: You must submit a total of two signed copies of your Bachelor thesis to Mrs Präßl. She is going to archive one copy and forwards the second one for grading to the person who has assigned the task. The submission is not confirmed.

Deadline: If the deadline falls on a weekend or a public holiday, it is also possible to submit on the following working day. Bachelor theses can of course also be submitted before the scheduled deadline.